Training — Obedience is a sure sign of love

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Training Classes

Sit Happens training philosophy is based on only positive reinforcement methods. Classes are designed to provide never-ending mental and physical challenges that keep your four-legged companion (and you!) interested, engaged and young at heart. Join the fun by teaming up with your dog in an environment that is warm and welcoming.


Pre-requisites: Proof of vaccination by a veterinarian; puppy must be less than 20 weeks of age: you must have had the puppy at least 2 weeks.
Description: This may be the most important class of your dog’s life! Prior to 5 months of age, puppies learn as much from experience as from training, and it is critical to expose your pup to a wealth of safe learning and social experiences. Through this class, your puppy will learn to trust you in a variety of situations. We will work on training for all things ‘puppy’ and teach you how to reward good behavior and guide your pup in a positive manner. This is a one hour class, half socialization and half instruction with a trainer, and is run on a drop-in basis.


Pre-requisite: Proof of vaccination by a veterinarian; puppy must be less than 20 weeks of age; you must have had the puppy at least 2 weeks.
Description: Intense socialization prior to 5 months of age will make a lifetime of difference to your puppy. Let your puppy play with others in a safe environment, without older dogs. Playtime lasts for ½ hour and is run on a drop-in basis.


For all dogs! A six week class. This will help you build solid foundation behaviors for a dog that can “go anywhere and do anything”. This is also the class to take if your dog has behavior issues you would like to resolve (such as jumping up, pulling, and ignoring you when called). The class is structured so each dog/handler team can progress at an individual pace, and offers three main areas of focus:
  1. Foundation: teach your dog to be calm and focus on you regardless of distractions.
  2. Reliable recalls: teach your dog to come immediately when called, an extremely important and potentially life-saving skill.
  3. Walk nicely: teach your dog to walk on a loose leash without lunging or pulling, and you’ll both enjoy your walks more!
Go Fetch is collaborating with the Department of Psychology at The University of Montana in research investigating dog owner’s thoughts and opinions about their dog over time. If you would like to help us, click the link below and you will be directed to a description of the project and you can decide if you would like to participate. This research is for humans/dogs that have not taken the Companion Manners class at Go Fetch at the time you first respond. Subsequent enrollment in the Companion Manners class is strongly encouraged if appropriate for you and your dog. If you're not sure, check with the folks at Go Fetch.


The Association of Pet Dog Trainers has started a new program for dogs and their owners to earn certification at three different levels.
Pre-requisites: Companion Manners or demonstrated equivalent skill. All students must have a copy of the C.L.A.S.S. student manual; this can be obtained online at:
Description: A six week class that focuses on skills required for certification at the B.A. level. This class will cover skills such as: come and leashing up manners, loose leash walking and attention, meet and greet, leave it, wait for the food bowl, stay, settle, give and take, and a few student chosen tricks. Skills will be taught through a variety of fun games. For more information on the C.L.A.S.S program visit:


Pre-requisites: C.L.A.S.S. Level 1 or demonstrated equivalent skill. All students must have a copy of the C.L.A.S.S. student manual; this can be obtained online at:
Description: A six week class that focuses on skills required for certification at the M.A. and Ph.D. levels. This class will cover skills from the level one class with added distractions as well as, handling, targeting, table manners, wait in the car, attention and more. Skills will be taught through a variety of fun games. For more information on the C.L.A.S.S program visit:


Pre-requisites: Private lesson to assess suitability for class. Instructor approval.
Description: A seven week class. (CU) is a behavioral modification class based on Leslie McDevitt’s program Control Unleashed. This class is ideal for dogs that: have difficulty working off-lead around other dogs; are easily distracted; are reactive; are fearful; have impulse control or anxiety issues. The class is designed to teach owners how to encourage relaxation and focus in their dogs. Over seven weeks, owners will learn to successfully modify difficult behaviors by managing the environment, identifying and desensitizing triggers, working with distractions, and breaking down behaviors. By the end of the program owners should understand how to build reliable positive behaviors in stressful situations.


Pre-requisites: Companion manners, or instructor approval.
Description: Not sure which sport would be best for you and your dog, or just looking for something fun to do with them? Whether you want to compete in a sport or just learn a few new games to play with them, this class will give you a taste of everything. Come have fun learning new things. This class will provide basic introductions to:
  • Rally – A competition sport in which a dog and their handler navigate a course of obedience behaviors.
  • Freestyle - A competition sport in which a dog and handler put together a routine of tricks and heel work to music.
  • Agility – A competition sport in which a dog navigates a course of jumps, tunnels, and other obstacles with their handler.
  • Games – Teach your dog some fun nosework games like how to find hidden treats and objects.
  • Tricks – Learn tricks like shake a paw, sit pretty, roll over, and more.

NOSEWORK (New Class)

Pre-requisites: Companion Manners, or instructor approval.
Description: The NOSE Knows! Discover how to develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities through fun and games. Besides being fun, it is great physical exercise and intense mental stimulation for your dog. Dogs that participate in nose work activities improve their focus, gain confidence, and build a better connection with their handler. Ten minutes of nose work will leave your dog as tired as running for an hour at the park, leaving you with a more mentally and physically satisfied dog. Great for:
  • Dogs who never seem to get tired no matter how much you exercise them.
  • Senior or injured dogs who love to play but need a low impact activity.
  • Shy dogs who need to build confidence
  • Puppies
  • ANY dog!


For all dogs! A six week class. Canine Musical Freestyle is a performance sport that mixes elements of Obedience, Rally and Agility with creative tricks – all while the dog/handler team moves in harmony to the music. It is great fun for all dogs, and provides lots of mental exercise. You and your dog will learn individual dance moves and how to combine them to make a short routine. This is a great way to continue training your dog beyond the basics or start them in performance sports. Click here to see a video.


Pre-requisites: Dogs must be able to work off leash around other dogs and maintain focus on their handler at all times. Basic obedience skills are also required (Sit, Down, Come, Stay).
Description: A six week class. Treibball, also called Push Ball or Ball Herding, is a new competitive sport. Originally developed in Germany, it has been received with such enthusiasm that it is spreading throughout the world. Taught entirely through positive reinforcement and shaping; this sport works your dog’s brain as well as their body. In this game you teach your dog to work at a distance from you, respond to directional cues and push exercise balls into a goal. Originally designed to replicate herding in the urban environment, exercise balls take the place of sheep. The great thing about this sport is that your dog does not have to be one of the herding breeds to play it. Any dog can do it . . . All breeds love it! Click here to see a video.


Pre-requisite: Basic obedience skills (Sit, Down, Come, Stay) and some clicker training experience required.
Description: A six week class. Show off how smart your dog is! Learning tricks is lots of fun for both dog and handler. Tricks give your dog mental exercise and an outlet for excess energy. You will learn more effective ways of communicating with, and teaching your dog that will benefit all the rest of their training. Skills like rollover, play dead, head down, sit pretty and crawl are just some of the tricks covered in this class.


For all dogs! A six week class. Rally is a fun and exciting low-impact sport. It is a great way to get and maintain your dog’s focus and attention in distracting environments. The concepts in this class can be applied to competition sports like agility & obedience but are also useful in practical, real-life situations. Teams will learn to navigate a course with numbered signs indicating which exercise to perform. This class will incorporate traditional Rally as well as new venues Cyber Rally-O and Rally Freestyle Elements.


Pre-requisite: Companion Manners or equivalent, or instructor approval. Dog must be six months of age or older. Objectives: A six week class. Learn the basics of agility foundation training; introduce your dog to most of the obstacles found on an agility course. Specific skills to be taught include:
  • Teaching your dog to focus on you
  • Using clicker training and toy drive to shape simple behaviors
  • Creating toy and play drive
  • Introducing your dog to jumps, table, tunnel, chute, tire, dogwalk, A-frame and four weave poles.


Pre-requisites: Dog must be six months of age or older; handler must be under the age of 18.
Objectives: A six week class. Learn to work as a team with your dog; introduce your dog to most of the obstacles found on an agility course.
The student: teacher ratio for this class will not exceed 3:1. This class is otherwise the same as the regular Agility Foundations.


Pre-requisites: Dog must be six months of age or older. Teams must have successfully completed the Agility Foundations class or demonstrated equivalent competence in a private evaluation. Objectives: Work on handling short sequences with the goal of being able to complete a 15-obstacle novice-length course. As students progress the class will be geared toward competition at open level and above; you will work on fine-tuning your dog’s ability to turn tight, run fast and work independently when necessary. This is an ongoing class; students may join existing classes at any time.


These fast-paced workouts will consist of a setup that can be run in a variety of ways to test a particular handling maneuver or skill, with an instructor present to coach, time and analyze film footage of your runs. Sessions are run weekly on a drop-in basis.


Pre-requisite: Must have passed CGC (Canine Good Citizens) test or have achieved C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Life and Social Skills) Bachelor’s degree or have instructor approval. Description: A six week class. Does your dog love people? Would you like to bring joy to nursing homes, hospitals, and reading programs with your canine companion? If so, this class is designed for you. The focus of this class will include:
  • Obedience skills with both audio and visual distractions such as noises and wheelchairs
  • Social skills in potentially stressful situations
  • Safety skills
  • New skills useful for visiting (say hi, head in lap, paws up etc..)
  • Body desensitization
  • Visiting etiquette



Prerequisites: Completion of online behavior assessment form.
Description: A customized behavior modification program designed to teach you how to change difficult and undesirable behaviors including: fear, barking, separation anxiety, reactivity, and aggression. Owners will have the opportunity to work alongside a professional dog trainer versed in behavior modification. The program will work to identify and desensitize triggers, manage the environment to discourage negative behaviors, and teach alternate positive behaviors. You’ll receive four in home lessons and three email or phone consultations. This course runs for 7 weeks, but works with your schedule.


If you prefer learning in a more intimate setting, have a dog that doesn’t work well in a group, or your dog has specific problem behaviors you would like to address, you may reserve time to work with an instructor in a private or semi-private lessons.